What is U Learn Online?

U Learn Online is an e-learning platform that allows people who are experts in certain areas that want to develop an online training course but don’t know how.  Here at U Learn Online, we have a number of individuals who can work with your content and develop your online course.  All course are based on revenue sharing with no up-front cost to the individuals with the course idea.

Companies can use U Learn Online to produces online train materials and courses.

Why is there a cost for course?

There is a lot of free stuff on the web but at U Learn Online course require a lot of time to produce.  Majority of our course have evaluations attached to them to make sure that you have understood the content because of that can get continuing education credits from institutions.

What are content providers?

Content providers are the individuals that provide us with the content for the courses.  The content provider proved U learn online their content in a number of different ways.  When continuing education credits are involved we only allow experts in the field to provide content and produce courses.  All our content providers are fully reasonable for their content to be accurate and free of copyright infringement.

Medical Direction

U Learn Online does not have any type of medical direction for the EMS courses on the site.  We ask out content providers to keep their courses to international standards and reference where the information came from.  If you are using our courses for your services please speak with your medical direction.

Where content comes from?

At U Learn Online most of the media is produced in-house and but there are a lot of resources out there on the web.  We do love producing new content but there is a lot of knowledge out there on the web so instead of recreating the wheel we gather the correct information from a number of sources and put it to gather and add assignments and exams to show you know what you have learned.   This does speed up the development process and keep our cost down that we can pass along to you. The external media U learn online use is referenced and the owner is aware we are using their content.