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What is ULearn Online?

U learn online is an online continuing education and training studio that pushes the boundaries of eLearning. Unlike traditional online training, we develop learning experiences that engage learners and increase the transfer of learning. This is achieved by evidence-based education practices combined with killer visual strategies.

Paramedic Continuing Education

U Learn Online specializes in paramedic continuing education. Our current two EMS case study SIM series courses were approved for continuing education credits by the Alberta College of Paramedics. U Learn Online EMS courses are designed by paramedics for EMRs, Primary care paramedics, and Advanced care paramedics. In addition, more EMS courses are being developed.

2 Courses approved by the Alberta and Saskatchewan Collage of Paramedics

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Create outstanding learning experiences for individuals, by combining education methodologies, evidence-based practice, and killer visual design strategies.

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