What is normal adequate respiration?

Respiratory Block

Respiratory Block

What Is Normal Respiration


Rate 12 – 20 minute

The rate is how slow or fast you are inhaling and exhaling. The average rate of normal Respiration is Between 12 and 20 a minute. A persons’ body will regulate the breathing rate depending on the demand needed to maintain adequate perfusion. For example, if if the person is resting, your respiration rate will be around the lower end, and if you are exercising, you may be at the higher end.


How much air is inhaled and exhaled

Depth is the amount of air a person inhales in one respiration. When at rest, a person might only need to breathe in small (shallow breaths) amounts of air, where as when a person is exercising, they will need to take larger (deep breaths) amounts of air to maintain adequate perfusion. The measurement of respiration is in millimetres. The average range of depth is between 500ml and 1000ml.



A person with no breathing compromised regular respiratory rate. So whether your patient is at rest or exercising, your respiratory rate will have a regular pattern.

Lung Sound


When a person is breathing normally, their lung sounds should have good air entry to the lower lobes of the lungs and no disadvantageous sounds. A couple of disadvantageous sounds would be wheezes and crackles.