The Four Blocks of Perfusion

5 Blocks oF Perfusion ( Shock Blocks)

4 Blocks of Perfusion

Command Block – CNS

Impulses are sent out from the Central Nervous System (CNS), specifically the brainstem, that controls the involuntary functions of the body;

  • Respiratory function
  • Heart rate
  • Vascular size (dilation or constriction of blood vessels)

Although the main control of the body’s primary functions lies in the CNS the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) plays a role as well in times of stress and relaxation

  • Sympathetic Nervous System – Fight or Flight response
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System – Rest and Digest response

The Respiratory Block

The respiratory system plays a role in perfusion by providing the means for the body to gain oxygen and expel carbon dioxide

Pump Block —- Heart

The heart is one of the main components of the cardiovascular system. It is the pump that moves blood through the two circulatory systems of the body;

  • Systemic circulation – pumping blood to the body cells
  • Pulmonary circulation – pumping blood to the lungs

Container Block — Circulatory System

The Circulatory System is the transport system of the body that moves blood and plasma throughout the body delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removing carbon dioxide and waste products for excretion

Fluid Block — Blood

The fluid or blood that the cardiovascular system circulates brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removes carbon dioxide and waste. The blood is made of various components

  • Red Blood Cells – contain hemoglobin proteins that bind to oxygen-carrying it from the lungs to the cells
  • Plasma – is the fluid in that all blood components are suspended in plasma. Plasma plays a role by carrying dissolved products to and from the cells
  • Platelets – are cells within the blood that bind together in the event of injury forming a clot and stopping the bleeding
  • White Blood Cells – These blood cells help to fight infection and remove foreign materials from the body


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