EMR Scenario Script training

This lesson will help students to master in class an in-class scenario.

By the end of the lesson, the EMR student will be able to recite the scenario script for traumatic scenarios demonstrated by the EMR student being able to recite the scenario script without the learning aids.

The key to success is practicing the script until you can recite the script 100% without the help of the script or someone else.

Being able to recite this script from memory builds a systematic approach to patient assessment so when under stress and becomes overwhelmed they can fall back to the script and work through each line one at a time gathering a need to take care of your patient.

Download the script and then practice going through it while practicing on a friend, stuffed animal.  Success does not come from reading just the script over and over but needs to be done while physically doing the assessment.  Yes if you use a stuffed bear it will make a difference.

Start off topics that explain what are all the acronyms stand for.

Download Scenario Script