Scene Safety Copy Copy conversation on understanding how to treat a patient at a crime scene. Your safety is always number one. When working in a crime scene area try to minimize your impact on the scene.

This video is done by Bound Tree University. the paramedic talks about the continue evaluating your scene safety. The scene can change at any time.

Great video on how to approach a scene. Talks about where to park your ambulance, how to walk up to the location, and what to listen for.

If you are on scene and your location becomes unsafe here are a few tips that might help:

If possible leave the scene immediately to a secure location. If you have the ability to take the patient do so but remember your safety is first so you might have to leave the patient.

Next, you can shelter in place and let dispatch know where you are and you need help. If possible take the patient

The last option is if you can not get out or hide engage the person that is the threat. Start with verbal escalation and move toward physical.

Let dispatch know right away your life is in endanger and request the police.